The Asya General Ship Supplier Co. Ltd. was founded in 1979. The founder, Hasan Kahvecioğlu, implemented an innonative concept, started supplying to
small ships callling into the port of Aliağa with general supplies and foods from a small grocer’s shop in Aliağa town.

And that is how the ship supplying Co. came into being. Right from the outset, the company focused on the quality factor, programmed management,
efficiency and good-cost service ratio.

Over 30 years these values have developed greatly compared to the original concept. New Business areas have been entered, services have become more
complex, but the attention to the customer’s needs has continied to be a top priority.

Asya General Ship Supplier Company; Now, 8 employees fully dedicated to the ship supply division Who had taken form of experienced and they are very
powerfull at their branches, 20 shipping clerks constantly in touch with the shipboard. Our repair team is ready to assist you on any type of damages
repairs and reconditioning works whereever you are in Turkey for 24 hours.

Our past experience and know-how of Turkish and European market allow us to deiver the least expensive and the most efficient product and services in
timely manner.